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New exercises from Khan Academy 2018-11-15T00:26:04.689952
Actualizado: hace 32 mins 22 segs

Volume word problems: fractions & decimals

Jue, 2018-11-15 00:26
Practice solving volume word problems involving objects like fish tanks, truck beds, and refrigerators. 

Infinite limits challenge

Hace 31 mins 18 segs
Review your understanding of infinite limits with some challenge problems.

Ray diagrams

Mar, 2018-11-13 14:52
Given rays of light incident on spherical mirrors, let's practice drawing the reflected rays. 

Refractive index and the speed of light

Mar, 2018-11-13 14:49
Let's practice problems involving refractive indices of various optical mediums.

Concave and convex mirrors

Mar, 2018-11-13 13:51
Let's practice word problems involving spherical mirrors using the mirror and the magnification formulas together.

Using the mirror formula

Mar, 2018-11-13 13:39
Let's practice calculating distances in optical measurements with spherical mirrors using the mirror formula.

Sign conventions

Mar, 2018-11-13 13:34
Let's practice problems involving the Cartesian sign convention for mirrors and lenses.

Ray diagrams and curved mirrors

Mar, 2018-11-13 13:18
Let's practice problems involving formation of images by spherical mirrors, using ray diagrams.

Applications of concave and convex mirrors

Mar, 2018-11-13 13:01
Let's practice problems involving applications of concave and convex mirrors.

Word problems: Writing equations reducible to linear form

Lun, 2018-11-12 11:50
Let's practice modelling real word scenarios to equations that are reducible to linear form

Piecewise functions graphs

Lun, 2018-11-12 11:38
Match the formula of a piecewise function to its graph.

Use area of squares to visualize Pythagorean theorem

Lun, 2018-11-12 11:09
Explain the Pythagorean theorem and its converse using the area of squares.

Alternating series test

Dom, 2018-11-11 22:45
Practice your understanding of the alternating series test and determine whether given series converge conditionally or absolutely.

Random sample warmup

Vie, 2018-11-09 19:54
Test your understanding of random sampling (7.SP.A.2)

Slope from graph

Mié, 2018-11-07 16:44
Find the slope of a line on the coordinate plane.

Translate expressions with parentheses

Lun, 2018-11-05 21:45
Practice changing expressions from words to math.

Create expressions with parentheses

Lun, 2018-11-05 21:08
Practice creating expressions with parentheses from real-world contexts.

Median & range puzzlers

Lun, 2018-11-05 18:50
These conceptual problems really make you think! Getting through this exercise will deepen your understanding of median, range, and data sets in general.

The Gilded Age

Lun, 2018-11-05 17:32
Check your understanding of the Gilded Age.

Hydrocarbons and functional groups

Lun, 2018-11-05 17:14
Test your knowledge on hydrocarbons and functional groups!